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Coaching Services for YOU:

Select what you want, pay ONLY for what you want!

Professional Resume

$60 CAD

Customized Cover Letter (One)

$100 CAD

Coaching Session
(Up to 60 mins)

$60 CAD

Mock Interview
(Up to 60 mins)

$60 CAD

Advanced LinkedIn Customization

$100 CAD

Career Cruising Assessment

$100 CAD

Labour Market Research

$100 CAD

Networking Strategies & Referrals

$100 CAD

Want 3 or more services bundled in a package? Connect now for special discounts on selecting multiple services!

PS: Write 'Bundled Service Prices' in the subject line.

Individual Services: Price List

Beginner's Package @ $99 CAD

1 Customized Resume + 1 Cover Letter Template + 1 hour of Career Coaching

Individual Services: News

Workshops to prepare for the Job-market

Job-search Documents (Resume & Cover Letter) Writing Workshop


Learn to write customized and winning resumes and cover letters:

PS: Write 'Job-search Documents Workshop' in the subject line.

Interview Skills



Prepare yourself to make a great impression in your interviews:

PS: Write 'Interview Skills Workshop' in the subject line.

Job-market Research Workshop


Gain skills to access directories and professionally research job-markets.

PS: Write 'Job-market Research Workshop' in the subject line.

Individual Services: Services
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